In this page the illustrations from the thesis introduction can be found in PDF format.

All illustrations are done by Nadia M. Murillo, first in ink and later digitally cleaned up. When using please credit appropriately.

Requests for specific figures and formats can be made to nmurillo _at_ starformation_dot_space (substituting _at_ and _dot_ with corresponding symbols).  Note this may require some time.

Definitions used in thesis

Picture of Single Star Formation

Multiple Star formation (labelled)

Chemical tracers for each part of the a protostellar system

Binary protostar (1)

Binary Protostar (2)

Binary Protostar (3)

Triple protostar (1)

Triple protostar (2)

Multiple protostellar system

Ejected protostar from multiple protostellar system

Starless core

Class 0 Protostar

Class I Protostar

Class II Protostar

Class III Protostar

Star with planets and comet system

Protostars with different inclinations

Non-coeval protostellar system

Protostars with different position angles